SSRS Access woes

SSRS Access woes

I'm writing this up for two reasons, one is that I can find this again next time it happens. The second is simple but important, we all make mistakes and at times they can seem pretty obvious in retrospect. But it's important to share the stories of our failures as well as our successes.

We all do both but when we tend to only talk about our successes it can encourage feelings of impostor syndrome in others. So let's talk more about our mistakes. And on that note.....

Picture the scene. It's been a long day but I'm about to release to production with some changes including moving our trusty old SSRS server.

A final double check, I can run reports fine in testing, I've updated firewall rules, I've changed the report server url in all the config files.... it all looks good!

Then I deploy, everything is looking good, and I go to run a report....

Frame of Jeff Bridges looking confused from "The Big Lebowski" with the caption "But it works on my machine"
The traditional mid-deployment cry of a programmer

The moral of this story is simple:


Not all environments are using the same credentials and when I set them up in Site Settings, I forgot that I also need to click here too....

In the Home Folder, make sure to also set permissions per user in Folder Settings
The simple cause of many problems

In Folder Settings, click on New Role Assignment and add users here too! Give them the required permissions, e.g. Content Manager, and now they have permission to view and run reports. Voilà, suddenly all is as it should be and a full blown crisis has been averted.

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